Easy Valentines Crochet Purse

Valentines Purse

Early on when I learned how to crochet, I started making purses. At the time, my daughter was 4 years old and she loved the idea of having many purses for her outfits. She asked for a new purse just about daily. Problem was, I didn’t really know how to read patterns yet. So, I would look at a picture of a purse she liked or drew out a visual of one she described.  I would then try to create a purse for her on the whim. Being that I didn’t know how to read patterns, I didn’t know how to write them either! So, she has many purses I have made her and I have no idea how to replicate them. Some are really cute and I’m hoping to try to go back and create patterns for them by seeing what I did.

Since then, I have learned to read and write patterns. After so many things I made and not able to remake, I realized it was pretty vital to learn. This Valentines Purse I created to look like a log.  I have been wanting to make a long, round purse for a long time. I like different and this is different. I had no idea how to do it, but I grabbed some paper and pen, developed a pattern I thought would work and tried it. I altered the pattern many times and here is the finished product.  I have loved this purse and don’t know that I will switch it out when Valentines Day ends. It’s bright, happy, and fun. It’s a very easy purse to make and a beginner that knows basic stitches can create this beautiful purse.  The hardest stitches would be the small hearts on the side and those are optional. I didn’t add a lining to the inside, it’s not needed, but you could definitely add one if you wanted to. Please feel free to contact me if you see any discrepancies or if you need any help. I try to write my patterns to read as easy as possible. Hope you enjoy it!


Find the pattern here:

Crochet Valentines Log Purse-Free Pattern