Crochet Kitchen Towel Round-Up

So many people think crocheting is only for winter. What?!? Crochet is a year- round, all-day, everyday hobby!  Although, I do admit that I don’t crochet too many mittens, hats, scarves etc. in the summertime. I do crochet many other things and there are so many other things to crochet! It’s limitless really. Take for example these kitchen/ hand towels I have rounded up for you guys.  There are many great patterns you can choose from. Just click on the link or the picture to be taken to the patterns.

  1. I love these Cupcake Kitchen Towels designed by They are bright and happy.


2.  I absolutely adore how organic and natural these kitchen towels looks from Tales and Yarns by Laurie Laliberte


3.  This Contrast Kitchen Towel by The Yarn And Hook is perfect for the beginner. It’s simple, yet elegant.


4.  These One Skein Kitchen Towels by The Purple Hooker are perfect for any kitchen.


5.  These Lazy Wave Hand Towels by Crochet-N-Play are made with calming colors that remind me of being at the beach and relaxing.