Crochet Newsboy Hat in Your Favorite Team Color

Have you ever had a pattern that you are so in love with, that you literally know it by heart?  It’s a pattern you go to time and time again and there really is no reason to find another because you are just that in love with the pattern?  Well, I have one and it’s a pattern created by Lorene with  She has many amazing patterns, but her Newsboy Crochet Hat, is definitely my favorite. I have honestly not made another type of hat since. Not even my own patterns. Why mess with a good thing?  I think I have this hat in every color. However, my favorite is the Broncos Hat I made for my daughter (Yes, I definitely steal it, I mean borrow it. Don’t judge.:) ).
Below is how I turned this Newsboy Hat into a hat you can wear to support your favorite team. You can make hats that show-off all kinds of sports. Little league football, baseball, High school teams etc.

Newsboy Crochet Hat In Your Favorite Team Colors

To make your favorite team hat, simply follow the directions for the Newsboy Crochet Hat at Make the hat in one color of your team and the brim in the other.
I created a band that sits just on top of the brim that is optional, but really is cute. Below is the pattern for it if you would like to add it to your hat.
I also added two football buttons (purchased at Jo-Ann’s) to the end of the band,one on each side. The Bronco Iron-On I bought through Amazon. That’s it, Super easy, super cute! If you make one in your favorite team colors, I would love to see pics!

Crochet Band
K Hook
Worsted Yarn in the color you choose
Ch 26, dc in 2nd chain from hook. DC in each ch. sl st top ch to bottom ch at end to make round. Bind off. (24 stitches)
Sew onto hat, add football buttons to ends

Note: Please note due to license laws, if you make a hat with an NFL logo on it like I did, you can not sell them for profit. You can get yourself into big trouble. It is my understanding you can make it for your own use like I did, but that’s it.