Easy Crochet Flower Applique for Clothes and More!


I have a confession to make, I am a Goodwill shopper. I especially love their, “50% off the whole store” sales. I like taking ‘recycled’ clothes and making them my own. I picked up this brand new T-shirt with the price tag still on, for only $2.00. While it was fine plain, I thought I would cheer it up a bit by adding some easy crochet flower appliques to it. It went from plain, to really cute in a few easy, simple steps!

I’m also thinking of adding a few of the same flowers to the back pockets of some pants, or maybe make some hand warmers with the same flowers on them to match. I don’t know yet. What would you do?  Would you add in another accessory with the crochet flower appliques to even cheer up your outfit more?  Nonetheless, here is a very simple, easy and super quick  crochet flower you can use on just about anything your mind can imagine.  Happy Crocheting!


Easy Crochet Flower Applique for Clothes and More!

G Hook
Worsted Yarn. (Cotton is best, but acrylic will do. The example I am using is acrylic yarn and it has held up well on my T-Shirt.)
Buttons for the middle of the flower
Fabric Glue (if you’re going to add them to clothing)
Sewing thread and needle (if you are going to add them to clothing)

Chain= ch
Slip Stitch= sl st
Single Crochet=sc
Magic Ring=MR


  1. 8 sc in MR. (If you don’t know how to do a MR, you can ch 2, and sc 8 in 2nd ch from hook.)
  2. Sl st to complete the round. Pull the yarn string to close the middle of the circle. 
  3. Ch 9, sl st into next sc.
  4. Repeat #3 to end. You should end with a sl st into the beginning sc. Bind-Off
  5. You should have 7 petals when done.

If adding to clothing, place the flower where you would like them at. Then add some fabric glue. Let dry and then it’s really easy to sew them in place without them moving around!  Enjoy!

Courtney Echeverria, CrochetRemedy, LLC©