Making Changes To My Blog

Making Changes To My Blog

So, I have done a lot of thinking since I first started this blog. I would be curious if this happens to other bloggers or if this is just a, “Courtney” problem.  When I first set out to blog I did a lot of praying as to what it should be about. I have a few passions and didn’t know what to choose. I ended up choosing crochet because it’s such a vital part in helping me with my chronic illness. While I absolutely love blogging patterns and making up new ones, I have found that it’s not the only thing I want to blog about.  I would like to get a little more personal and would love to help others in some way.  While I think it’s great people come to my blog to look at patterns (and I am hoping creating items with it), I don’t feel I am making a big impact or at least not the kind of impact I would like to make. This blog feels distant to me, not personal. I make patterns and post them, you create them. I don’t feel there’s a true connection there and maybe that’s because I just don’t know what I am doing to help you as my readers feel connected. I think I have come to realize I feel more comfortable and more at ease with getting personal and sharing experiences.

I have decided I want to broaden this blog to include living with Chronic Illness and how to manage it. I want to write about how I am currently on the AIP Diet (Auto-Immune Protocol) and share if it’s helping or not.  I want to share healthy recipes and ways to use herbs to boost the immune system and how to keep faith in hard times. You might wonder where crochet fits in this new blog. Well, Crochet has drastically helped me cope with all the symptoms I deal with on a daily basis and I believe can help many people struggling with any kind of illness. So, I will still post patterns as well.  Like I said, I don’t know if I am the only blogger that started out on one avenue and realized they wanted to go a different route, or change things up a bit, but it definitely happened to me. Which makes me realize my passions aren’t being relayed correctly.

It is my hope that you will continue to read my blog and that my new topics will be of assistance to you. You will get to know me a little better and my life and how I cope with Chronic Illness and the Healthy Ways to help your body fight.  Please be patient with me as I switch things over, it may be 2 weeks before I post again. I am hoping not, but with my illness, it may take longer than I want. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

What about you? Do you write a blog? Have you changed your niche or broadened it?

Courtney Echeverria, Crochet Remedy LLC


  1. Courtney, you’re not the only blogger who has made changes with their blog topic/s. I’m excited for you! I’m definitely interested in your new topic. Have fun!

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