When You Have An Illness And You Are Given Uneducated Medical Advice

Being sick is very uneasy, difficult, and causes many hard circumstances. Family, friends and even, I, myself don’t always know how to handle it. This can cause situations where people with the best intentions can say some really hurtful things to the person dealing with the illness. I have been told things such as: “Just have a positive attitude, you’ll get better,” “Your faith isn’t strong enough, just believe in God and He will heal you,” “You are a god yourself and have the power to heal yourself,” “It’s all in your head, just let it go.” Even though the person saying this is speaking from ignorance, they truly believe they are giving you good advice and I believe they are saying it because they care. (Most people anyway.) Saying these things allows them to believe that if it were them, they would have the control to fix it. Sick people make healthy people uncomfortable because they fear becoming sick themselves. The truth is, some people get sick and some people don’t.  Although, I do believe that there are circumstances such as toxin exposure, allergies, environmental contamination, tick bites, viruses, genetics etc. that can be a direct result for a person to be afflicted with a chronic illness.

If you are the one dealing with a chronic illness and you have someone say something like this to you, remember, people say things out of ignorance and speak of things they do not know. They are uneducated and they need your help to understand. There will be people who don’t get it and that’s okay. You don’t need to prove to them what you are going through is real or that it can’t be cured. Do your best to not let them hurt you, you are dealing with enough already. You know you didn’t ask to be sick, no one wants their world turned upside down and have half their life revolve around hospitals and doctors.  

If you are a person dealing with someone with a chronic illness, please be careful with your words and become educated as to what the person is dealing with.  People who are sick tend to feel isolated and alone because no-one understands what they are dealing with or what they are going through. Judgment makes it worse. What they need is your love and support.  Remember, their world has completely changed and they are dealing with the loss of their health and unless you go through it, you have no idea what that feels like. Have grace, learn what they are going through and love them through it.


Courtney Echeverria, Crochetremedy LLC. ©