Keep Your Hands Warm With These Hand Warmers This Winter

Hey y’all! So, a few posts back I made a T-shirt with these easy flowers.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make hand warmers to match or to add the flowers to the back pockets of some jeans.  I decided to make hand warmers with winter coming. I get really cold hands that rarely warm-up all winter long. These will help me stay warm while allowing me to still use my hands.  These are super easy to make and work up quickly. Perfect for the beginner. Without further adieu, here is the pattern. I hope you like it! Tell me, do you wear hand warmers often as well in the winter months?

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Easy Crochet Purse For Beginners

I love working with Bernat Blank Yarn.  I have made several purses using this yarn and I love it. It’s soft and plushy feeling.  This pattern’s worked with a larger hook so, I strongly recommend sewing an inside or using an insert like mine. (This is the insert I use.) I currently use the medium insert, but this purse will work for both medium and large. I love my insert because I can change purses with ease and I love to change my purses frequently. This crochet purse is quick and easy to make, only taking a few hours give or take. It is perfect for the beginner. Hope you enjoy!
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Easy Crochet Flower Applique for Clothes and More!


I have a confession to make, I am a Goodwill shopper. I especially love their, “50% off the whole store” sales. I like taking ‘recycled’ clothes and making them my own. I picked up this brand new T-shirt with the price tag still on, for only $2.00. While it was fine plain, I thought I would cheer it up a bit by adding some easy crochet flower appliques to it. It went from plain, to really cute in a few easy, simple steps!

I’m also thinking of adding a few of the same flowers to the back pockets of some pants, or maybe make some hand warmers with the same flowers on them to match. I don’t know yet. What would you do?  Would you add in another accessory with the crochet flower appliques to even cheer up your outfit more?  Nonetheless, here is a very simple, easy and super quick  crochet flower you can use on just about anything your mind can imagine.  Happy Crocheting!


Easy Crochet Flower Applique for Clothes and More!

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Crochet Newsboy Hat in Your Favorite Team Color

Have you ever had a pattern that you are so in love with, that you literally know it by heart?  It’s a pattern you go to time and time again and there really is no reason to find another because you are just that in love with the pattern?  Well, I have one and it’s a pattern created by Lorene with  She has many amazing patterns, but her Newsboy Crochet Hat, is definitely my favorite. I have honestly not made another type of hat since. Not even my own patterns. Why mess with a good thing?  I think I have this hat in every color. However, my favorite is the Broncos Hat I made for my daughter (Yes, I definitely steal it, I mean borrow it. Don’t judge.:) ).
Below is how I turned this Newsboy Hat into a hat you can wear to support your favorite team. You can make hats that show-off all kinds of sports. Little league football, baseball, High school teams etc.
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Boho Crochet Beaded Necklace


It has been way too long since I have posted. I made a goal to post at a minimum once every 2 weeks. I know that’s not posting much, but it is very difficult for me at times with my health problems. This is one of those times where my illness was just too much and I had to put life on hold for a bit.  I still have hopes of getting better and being able to blog weekly. In the meantime, I continue to crochet to help me through and I will continue to post my patterns to share with you.

I have been working on a few patterns recently. I kind of get into a crochet cycle and tend to stay there for a while. For example, my favorite to thing to crochet is purses. Sometimes, I end up making purse after purse and nothing different. Right now, it’s crochet jewelry.  I was always afraid to crochet jewelry because of my hands. I have neuropathy in them and working with anything tidy can really flare it up. However, with all the new crochet hooks that have wider ends it makes it easier for me.  Because of this, I have been making all kinds of different crochet jewelry! Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. I have been working with cotton thread and embroidery thread the most. I have really enjoyed exploring this new area of crochet I have found. I really love making a quick necklace and/or bracelet to match what I am wearing. It’s been so much fun!

The pattern below is for a Boho Necklace that has become a favorite piece of mine.  It works as a necklace or an anklet that wraps a couple of times. The choice is yours!  It’s easy and quick to make this necklace.

How about you? Do you enjoy making crochet jewelry? What is your favorite type of crochet jewelry to make?


Crochet Boho Beaded Necklace

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Easy Crochet Flower

  1. Chain 2
  2. In second chain from hook, 5 single crochet
  3. In first Single Crochet work this cluster: *Slip Stitch, Single Crochet, Double Crochet, Single Crochet, Slip Stitch.*
  4. Repeat the cluster that is within the stars for each remaining four Single Crochet.
  5. Bind-Off with a long tail to use for sewing onto your project.


Find Flip-Flop Pattern Here: Easy, Quick and Cute Flip-Flops


Courtney Echeverria, CrochetRemedy, LLC©

Crochet Water Bottle Holder

Easy Crochet Water Bottle Holder, Great for Crochet Beginners, Free Pattern

Spring is upon us and Summer is around the corner! I can’t wait!  We like being outside a lot in the summertime and I become the pack-mule for water bottles. Everyone wants water, but no-one wants to carry it. So, I have decided to make these crocheted water bottle holders so everyone can carry their own bottle this year. 😉

This pattern is easy and is great for beginners. If you make this Water Bottle Holder, I would love to see pictures!  Happy Crocheting!

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Girls Easter Crochet Purse


Easter is my favorite Holiday of the year!  Flowers and trees are starting to bloom, the weather is becoming warmer and it reminds me of new life.  It reminds me of second chances and new beginnings.

I made this purse with my faith in mind. While I love the bunnies and the colored eggs that surround Easter, I also remember the true meaning of the Holiday; Jesus Christ’s Resurrection.  This also symbolizes new life and new beginnings to me.

This is a really easy purse to make and is another great pattern for beginners.  The whole pattern is made in single crochet. I am starting to experience with making handles that aren’t crocheted, so, I made a nylon strap handle for this purse. I have directions for how I made it (super easy!).  However, I do have directions for making a crocheted handle in the pattern as well.

I hope you enjoy this pattern and as always, I am here to help if you need anything. Happy Crocheting!

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