Easy Crochet Purse For Beginners

I love working with Bernat Blank Yarn.  I have made several purses using this yarn and I love it. It’s soft and plushy feeling.  This pattern’s worked with a larger hook so, I strongly recommend sewing an inside or using an insert like mine. (This is the insert I use.) I currently use the medium insert, but this purse will work for both medium and large. I love my insert because I can change purses with ease and I love to change my purses frequently. This crochet purse is quick and easy to make, only taking a few hours give or take. It is perfect for the beginner. Hope you enjoy!
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Sjogren’s Awareness Crochet Purse

Crochet For A Cause, Sjogren's Awareness Purse, Free Pattern, Crochet For BeginnersThis purse is near and dear to my heart.  April is the official month for Sjogren’s Awareness. I was personally diagnosed over seven years ago.  It’s a very debilitating disease and can affect people in many ways. Sjogren’s affects the entire body causing: severe dryness, muscular pain, arthritis, neurological problems, extreme fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, respiratory problems and difficulty swallowing and talking(just to name a few). All major organs can be affected and anyone with Sjogren’s is at a higher risk for Lymphomas.

I have suffered from Sjogren’s for over seven years. There is no part of my body not affected by it.  The most difficult is the autonomic and peripheral neuropathy. I also suffer from debilitating fatigue and I feel like I have the flu pretty much everyday.  Everyone is affected differently from this disease, ranging from mild to severe.  Currently, there is no cure and it is progressive.

Whenever someone suffers from something, awareness of that illness is key to having people understand what you go through. So, I made this purse. Sjogren’s is not a well-known disease and I want to help get the word out and help raise awareness.

This purse has created many conversations with people wondering what the purple ribbon is for. Most people know the pink ribbon is for breast cancer and the yellow ribbon is for childhood cancer. Few know other colors. This has helped me share what Sjogren’s is and get the information out.

Even though I made this for Sjogren’s awareness, it will work for any color to increase understanding about any disease or illness.

This is actually more of a tote than a purse and I would consider it a medium size.   It’s 8 inches high, 11 1/2 inches wide and has a side depth of 3 inches. I actually created the pattern to fit around a purse insert I purchased on the Wish App. However, it works just fine with no insert.  It’s an easy pattern and is great for beginners. Hope you enjoy making this purse!  Happy Crocheting!

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Girls Easter Crochet Purse


Easter is my favorite Holiday of the year!  Flowers and trees are starting to bloom, the weather is becoming warmer and it reminds me of new life.  It reminds me of second chances and new beginnings.

I made this purse with my faith in mind. While I love the bunnies and the colored eggs that surround Easter, I also remember the true meaning of the Holiday; Jesus Christ’s Resurrection.  This also symbolizes new life and new beginnings to me.

This is a really easy purse to make and is another great pattern for beginners.  The whole pattern is made in single crochet. I am starting to experience with making handles that aren’t crocheted, so, I made a nylon strap handle for this purse. I have directions for how I made it (super easy!).  However, I do have directions for making a crocheted handle in the pattern as well.

I hope you enjoy this pattern and as always, I am here to help if you need anything. Happy Crocheting!

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Beginners Bernat Blanket Crochet Purse

Do I have a fun purse for you today! This purse is worked only in single crochet and is great for a beginner project! Bernat Blanket is a soft yarn and makes a great purse, I just love the texture of it! I make many purses with this yarn and I always get rave reviews about them.  Trust me when I say, “Bernat Blanket Yarn, is not just for blankets.” This is a great yarn to work with and the end product never disappoints! Hope you enjoy this pattern!

Bernat Blanket Crochet Purse

Bernat Blanket Black
Bernat Blanket Red
Red Zipper (Measure the length to find the size you need)
Purse Handle
O or D rings to attach the purse Handle
P Hook
N Hook

A gauge is not needed on this pattern
This pattern is written in U.S. Crochet Terms
Note: This purse is not a tight stitch and it would be best to add a liner on the inside or use a make-up bag for your small things.

Starting with Black, using the P Hook
1.Chain 33
2.Single Crochet (sc) 2nd chain from hook. Single Crochet in each chain to the end. Chain 1, turn. (32 single crochet)
3.Single Crochet in each stitch down. Chain 1, turn.
4.Repeat #3.
5.Switch to Red
6.Single Crochet in each stitch down. Chain 1, turn.
7.Repeat for 18 more rows
8.Switch to Black
9.Continue Single Crochet in each stitch down, Chain 1, turn; for 2 more rows (3 rows in black total). Bind Off. (You will have a total of 25 rows when finished).
Fold in half so that the black sides are on top, taking a long piece of yarn, sew together the sides. (You can also slip stitch the sides to close the purse off.) Turn the purse inside out so that the sewn part is on the inside.


Flower Pocket
Work with Black Yarn using the P Hook
1.Chain 9
2.Single Crochet 2nd chain from hook. Single Crochet in each chain to the end. Ch 1, turn.
3.Single Crochet in each stitch to the end. Chain 1, turn.
4.Repeat #3 for 6 more rows. (You will have a total of 8 rows when finished).
5.Bind Off

Use an N Needle
Work with Red Yarn
1.Chain 2
2.In second chain from hook, single crochet 12 times. (each sc will be in the same chain.) Slip Stitch to close off. (To slip stitch, you want to insert your hook through the beginning single crochet, yarn over and then slip through both loops on hook.)
3.In the space where you just slip stitched, work this pattern. Single Crochet, Double Crochet, Treble Crochet, Double Crochet, Single Crochet, Slip Stitch.
4.In the next stitch, Single Crochet.
5.Repeat #3 in the next stitch.
6.Repeat #4.
7.Continue repeating #3 and #4 to the end. You should have 6 petals and 6 single crochet in the end. Bind Off

8.Using the Red Yarn, sew the flower onto the black pocket.
9.Using the Black Yarn, whip stitch in the middle of the flower to emphasize the middle and make it stand out like a flower.
10.Sew the pocket onto the front of the purse where you would like it placed.
11.Sew on your O or D rings onto the side of your purse.
12.Sew on the zipper to the top of the purse. (I hand stitched my zipper, I was not able to do it through a sewing machine.)
13.Connect whatever handle you are using to your rings and your purse is done!

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Easy One Hour Girls Crochet Purse


Easy One Hour Girls Crochet Purse, Free Pattern, Crochet for Beginners

My Daughter’s school recently had a Daddy/Daughter Dance.  She asked me to make her and her best friend matching purses to take.  She made this request the day before the dance so, I had very little time to make these purses. I knew I had to make something easy, quick and cute.

These purses are the end product of what I came up with.
Easy One Hour Girls Crochet Purse, Free Pattern, Crochet For Beginners          Easy One Hour Girls Crochet Purse, Free Pattern, Crochet For Beginners

This purse is so cute and I completed it in about an hour.  I am a slow crocheter and I was able to complete this whole purse while watching an episode of, “This Is Us”(Isn’t it the best show ever?!).  It’s a perfect accessory to any girls wardrobe.

Update: After the dance, my daughter told me it really needs a closure.  So, I will be adjusting the pattern to add a closure to it. I will update the pattern when I complete it. However, it’s really cute without any closure; I just wouldn’t let girls dance around and jump up and down without one. 😉


Easy One Hour Girls Crochet Purse


I Hook
Any 2 colors worsted yarn that you would like to use for the purse and the flower. (Remnant yarn could probably be used, it doesn’t take much.)
Note:This purse I would consider for an intermediate beginner since it does use the Front Post Single Crochet Stitch. (Instead of stitching into the next stitch space, you take your hook through the space, go behind the post of the previous rows single crochet and come through on the other side of the post. Single Crochet as usual.) This stitch is what gives the purse its ribbed look. you could probably do the whole purse in single crochet only instead of the front post single crochet, but I have not tested it. If you decide to do this, please let me know how it turns out. 

Purse Panels (Make 2)

1. chain 22
2. *single crochet in 2nd chain from hook. single crochet in each chain. Chain 1, turn (21 single crochet)
3.front post single crochet in each post to the end of the row. At the end of the row, you will have one stitch from the last row that hasn’t been worked. single crochet in this stitch. chain 1, turn* (you will have 20 front post single crochet and 1 single crochet at the end)
4.Repeat directions between the two stars for a total of 16 rows. You will have 8 rows of single crochet and 8 rows of front post single crochet.

Take both panels with the ribbed stitches laying vertical, face the two ribbed sides together. (You should see the flat side of each panel) slip stitch around the panels to make the purse body. Make sure you remember to leave an opening for the top of the purse. Turn right side back out.


1.chain 2
2.In second chain from hook, insert 11 single crochet into this chain
Note: I did not do a slip stitch into the first single crochet when I finished the 11 single crochet, rather I just started my stitches to create the flower.
3.In first single crochet work (single crochet, double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, double crochet, double crochet, single crochet)
4.In next single crochet work a single crochet
5.Repeat (single crochet, double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, double crochet, double crochet, single crochet) in one single crochet and then work a single crochet in the next. You will have a total of 5 petals when complete and should end with a single crochet, Bind off
6.Add a button to the center of the purse and then stitch the flower onto the front of the purse

1.chain 95
2.Stitch onto purse from the inside of the purse

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Easy Valentines Crochet Purse

Valentines Purse

Early on when I learned how to crochet, I started making purses. At the time, my daughter was 4 years old and she loved the idea of having many purses for her outfits. She asked for a new purse just about daily. Problem was, I didn’t really know how to read patterns yet. So, I would look at a picture of a purse she liked or drew out a visual of one she described.  I would then try to create a purse for her on the whim. Being that I didn’t know how to read patterns, I didn’t know how to write them either! So, she has many purses I have made her and I have no idea how to replicate them. Some are really cute and I’m hoping to try to go back and create patterns for them by seeing what I did.

Since then, I have learned to read and write patterns. After so many things I made and not able to remake, I realized it was pretty vital to learn. This Valentines Purse I created to look like a log.  I have been wanting to make a long, round purse for a long time. I like different and this is different. I had no idea how to do it, but I grabbed some paper and pen, developed a pattern I thought would work and tried it. I altered the pattern many times and here is the finished product.  I have loved this purse and don’t know that I will switch it out when Valentines Day ends. It’s bright, happy, and fun. It’s a very easy purse to make and a beginner that knows basic stitches can create this beautiful purse.  The hardest stitches would be the small hearts on the side and those are optional. I didn’t add a lining to the inside, it’s not needed, but you could definitely add one if you wanted to. Please feel free to contact me if you see any discrepancies or if you need any help. I try to write my patterns to read as easy as possible. Hope you enjoy it!


Find the pattern here:

Crochet Valentines Log Purse-Free Pattern