Keep Your Hands Warm With These Hand Warmers This Winter

Hey y’all! So, a few posts back I made a T-shirt with these easy flowers.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make hand warmers to match or to add the flowers to the back pockets of some jeans.  I decided to make hand warmers with winter coming. I get really cold hands that rarely warm-up all winter long. These will help me stay warm while allowing me to still use my hands.  These are super easy to make and work up quickly. Perfect for the beginner. Without further adieu, here is the pattern. I hope you like it! Tell me, do you wear hand warmers often as well in the winter months?

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Quick, Easy, and Cute Flip-Flops

Do I have a super cute and super easy pattern for you today!  I absolutely love wearing flip-flops in the summer.  I found some flip-flops at Wal-Mart for only $1.00 and decided to buy a few. I jazzed them up with my own touch and not only are they cute, they are more comfortable! You can truly design these however you want. Have fun and be creative!

Quick, Easy, and Cute Flip-Flops

Any color yarn of your choice (It can be scrap yarn, it doesn’t take much)
You want to work from the inside of the flip-flop not the outside so that the stitches will be on top

  1. Starting on one end of the flip-flop, working on the inside, single crochet all the way around the top. You will want to push the stitches down now and then to ensure that all the plastic top is covered and not showing. Once you get to the other end, Chain 1, turn.
  2.  Single Crochet all the way around and bind-off
  3. Decorate with buttons,  crochet flowers, beads etc.
  4. Enjoy!

Find the Flower Pattern Here: Easy Crochet Flower